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Good news! We begin the second contest of young journalists "Welcome!". The first one was held last year. In that contest took part 196 works from participants from 11 countries.

Журналистика это очень романтично! :)As before the contest is organized by Sverdlovsk regional children's public organization "Lotsman" (“Maritime pilot”) and online magazine "Kid's Club". And this year, the organizers included the educational institution - Center for Children and Youth "Sozvezdie" ("Constellation") (Yekaterinburg, Russia). As before, we invite to participate in the contest both those who have already decided to become a journalist, and those who just want to try their hands at this interesting and important matter. We live in a post-industrial, information society. The information in our world is the most important and valuable resource. Journalist - is a person who not only consumes, but also creates new flows of information. Moreover, being a creator is always honorable. Creators are changing our world!

If you are engaged in a children's press center or work in the school newspaper editorial - welcome to the contest!

Not engaged in anything out of that, but you believe that you can be interesting to tell about some event, journey, book or movie - join us!

If you want to expand your portfolio - participating in the contest will be helpful as well. Materials passed selection (not only the winners) will be published on the website "Kid's Club", which is a registered media.

Read all the details in the regulations. There is only brief information in this article.

All certificates will be puplished here:

Today (may 15) certificates for winners in all nominations are uploaded.

Who needs a certificate of participation and appreciation to the teachers - email me and I'll upload them there too.

If you found any error in certificate - email me and I'll fix it.

Drawing by Anastasiya Korshak

The contest "My Dream-2017" is over. Many thanks to all the participants! It's time to announce the results.

Members of the jury:

Natalia Solomko - a writer.

Olga Gorneva - teacher of the Ural Architectural Academy.

Julia Molchanova - teacher in art studio.

Yuri Nikitin - teacher, editor of the site "Kid's Club".


The first nomination - Arts and Crafts".

It's a most popular of all three nominations. The full list included 125 works from 115 participants from 6 countries (and in all, together with other nominations, there were 8 countries).

All works is published in the gallery album:

This year the preliminary selection was much stricter than before: works without descriptions or not corresponding to the topic were not allowed to take part in the competition. Unfortunately, there were some works of that type. There were also works without applications.

So, here the list of winners (in brackets there is the sequence number of work in the gallery).

Let's dream about the future!

Last year's contest "My dream" has collected hundreds of works. It was attended by children and teenagers from 7 countries. However, its focus was quite narrow - only drawings or crafts made of different materials. But the dream can be described not only by means of art and craft! This year the possible forms of participation are more diverse!

The theme of contest "My dream - 2017" in comparison with last year also changes a little bit and be more specific: the future of our planet and humanity. Yes, Yes, this time the contest is futuristic. ;) Let's dream of a bright future!

Nominations of the contest: