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Голосование на выборах в ИндииI was in Grade V when I first heard about democracy. My first notion of democracy was – for the people, by the people and of the people. It appealed to my little mind that we are ruled by ourselves, by our chosen people. I began imagining happy nations where leaders were selected by happy citizens and everything was perfectly synchronized into order. In Grade VI, I realized that every nation is not a democracy. I felt pity for those who were not allowed to choose their rulers. It all felt unjust and unfair. As I entered Grade VII, I read that even in a democracy, not everyone has the right to vote.

Мусор в Индии

It was only recently that the government of Maharashtra put a ban on the usage, sale, storage and manufacturing of plastic.  This action was definitely necessary since plastic is non- biodegradable and causes major hazards in many biomes, natural habitats and ecosystems. I've counted down the pros and cons of this ban.

The pros of this ban are innumerable. Plastic is non- biodegradable and takes nearly 10-1000 years to decompose. So there's no point in using it in landfills as it's of no help to the soil. If plastic is banned, then its waste won't be generated. Also there will be much less damage to nature after this ban. There won't be any plastic garbage on the roads, clogging drains, and hence, no floods and less litter. Animals, birds and marine life won't be affected because they won’t be digesting or getting trapped in plastic products polluting in their habitats. The chemicals of the plastic products getting transferred into our food and water via bottles, packets & bags will cease. Burning plastic products causes the worst type of pollution and makes the air carcinogenic. The fine is between 5-25k and there is also a jail term threat to people violating the ban.

Photo of Prokudin-Gorskii

In section "Gallery" we added the new album "Russian Empire in color" with the photographs of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii.


map-34093591280Я интересуюсь историей и люблю смотреть видео на канале «История всего». Я решил поделится с вами некоторыми из этих видео.

Вот например, знали ли вы что покупка Аляски была самой крупной сделкой между США и Россией?

Эта сделка состоялась в 1867. Аляска находилась далеко от центральной части России и была убыточным регионом. Поэтому Россия и продала Аляску.