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“Everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.”

xw1323764You have the knowledge to understand a thing, and you even have the voice to interpret things. Everyone can achieve both abilities, but not all can accomplish all of them.

Philippines is one of the major spots of attraction worldwide, given its own remark of being the “Perlas ng Silangan” or in English, the “Pearl of the East”. This country has the typical characteristics of an attractive country. Tourist spots, mega diverse organisms, wide history, etc... These things had lured you out already, the present happenings in Philippines still matters.

originalThere are killings out there, but not the typical event you all know. Crimes, terrorism, not like that. It’s extrajudicial. It’s out of the law. Guess what? There are no criminals intended in this situation, cops and vigilantes are the killers. This technique is used to stop the illegal drug acts caused by illegal drug pushers. However, it had gone too brutal yet.

Rich people accused for illegal drug acts aren’t killed instantly, but the rights of each people poured down into the canal. Poor people are killed instantly. Instant killing on poor seems unfair. On poor people’ states, accusation and suspicions are enough to become the warrant of arrest.

1486076065ubiystva-na-filippinah-03How about the innocent lives? They are killed and killed and killed! No sense at all for poor people! They aren’t treated on the right way. A new aspect developed on that, poor people are the worst. Their voice distorted. Their knowledge loosened. Hence, can’t understand, can’t interpret.

There’s still a hope that will lie on every people, especially the victims of the unruly killings.

There will still be a voice and knowledge for people to interpret and understand.


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