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Идеальный ученикWhen I asked my parents about such kind of education which would do our future better, my father, who is a plumber, wondered: «Can it exist?» And my mother, who is a policeman, added: «I doubt». But I have my own opinion on it. It is surely possible to create such form of education which would build a better future for all. First of all, such perfect form of education should combine several conditions. My main principle of creating it is to use the best educational experience of the past and to develop some modern forms of it. This new kind of education must provide free school education, involve healthy children and disabled, train mental, physical and spiritual abilities, promote life skills, develop personal talents. It must be universal education for children of all nationalities and religion. Such education should solve a lot of problems which take place in our modern world: ethnic conflicts, problem of poverty and violence, conflicts on religious grounds and others.

Школьная столоваяI think I am able to create such ideal form of education. It will differ from the traditional one. I am against dull schools with their strict and always unsatisfied teachers. My new school will not be a school, but oasis, a shelter, a separate world where any pupil could get not only necessary knowledge but help, love and understanding. As a result, all pupils will bring these main things into their adult life. It will be relay of kindness. Such school must provide each pupil with a bed and a free piece of bread. It is very important in case a pupil has a conflict with parents or other problems. Having food and a shelter, a young man will not stay alone in the street with feeling of hopelessness, fright and despair.

Антон Семёнович МакаренкоAs for the process of education, I have my own point of view too. We, children, are not angels at all. We can be rude, disobedient or impudent. That’s why I suggest to use method of Anton Makarenko which is called «productive labor» in educational process. Pupils could make or produce something useful after classes, for example: toys, cakes, shelves and so on. Any labor unites people and destroys their national and religious borders. It makes them closer and helps live peacefully. As a result, children will grow up more friendly and they will understand each other much better.

Труд - основа воспитанияI’d like to tell something about educational process. I am not going to write about information technologies and other innovations. To my mind, they will not be able to solve the problems of terrorism and violence. Education in new school must be human and tolerant education. I would bring into my program principles of nonviolence and pacifism suggested by Mahatma Gandhi many years ago. They are very actual nowadays. Thus, education may be a path toward stopping violence, destruction and terrorism.

Люблю работать своими рукамиThere is one more problem. Teachers, I mean. When I mention teachers, I recollect one name, Janusz Korczak who was not only a child pedagogue but defender of children. We need such kind of teachers because only they will be able to revive the spirituality of modern generation.

In conclusion, I am sure we need another form of education with new schools, programs and teachers. These changes in education will affect our future and solve a lot of problems. Future of society is always reflected by the success and happiness of pupils in their education. Human education based on principals of nonviolence, tolerance, respect and responsibility is the pathway to happy future. That’s why after my reforms we would build a better future for all.

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