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Drawing by Anastasiya Korshak

The contest "My Dream-2017" is over. Many thanks to all the participants! It's time to announce the results.

Members of the jury:

Natalia Solomko - a writer.

Olga Gorneva - teacher of the Ural Architectural Academy.

Julia Molchanova - teacher in art studio.

Yuri Nikitin - teacher, editor of the site "Kid's Club".


The first nomination - Arts and Crafts".

It's a most popular of all three nominations. The full list included 125 works from 115 participants from 6 countries (and in all, together with other nominations, there were 8 countries).

All works is published in the gallery album:

This year the preliminary selection was much stricter than before: works without descriptions or not corresponding to the topic were not allowed to take part in the competition. Unfortunately, there were some works of that type. There were also works without applications.

So, here the list of winners (in brackets there is the sequence number of work in the gallery).

Age Category 6-7 years old.

1 place:

Timofey Chetverikov, 7 years old, Russia, Ivanovo. The title of the work is "D.R.E.A.M." (very original, yes ... and the work is also unusual). (No. 16 in the gallery.)

2nd place:

Stepan Papushev, 7 years old, Russia, Novosibirsk. "House of the Future". Especially I want to mention a large and a detailed description - a whole story! (No. 112)

Olivia Khamkova, 6 years old, Australia, Sydney. "The machine of a dream". An unusual idea, a good description. (No. 13)

3rd place:

Sofia Brown, 7 years old, Russia, Novosibirsk. "The world of the future." Flying city under a glass dome. (No. 108)

Pavel Pushkarov, 7 years old, Russia, Novosibirsk. "My happy childhood." (No. 85)

Mikhail Sorvanov, 7 years old, Russia, Novosibirsk. "My favorite city in the future." (No. 82)

Age Category 8-9 years old (category boundaries are slightly shifted for a more even distribution of participants).

1 place:

Mark Murzakhanov, 9 years old, Russia, town Novoagansk, KhMAD-Ugra. "My future". Unusual technique, a fairly detailed description. (No. 81)

2nd place:

Stanislav Misyura, 9 years old, Belarus, Cherven town, Minsk region. "City-comfort." Thoughtful city! (No. 66)

3rd place:

Nicole Fokina, 9 years old, Russia, Moscow. "Transport of the future." (No. 102)

Matvey Kataev, 9 years old, Russia, Yekaterinburg. "Robots on the North Pole." (No. 32)

Age Category 10-11 years old.

1 place:

Matika Halleday, 10 years old, Australia, Tallai. "Friendship through sport". Very high-quality drawing. (No. 9)

2nd place:

Sofya Antipova, 11 years old, Russia, Novosibirsk. "I imagine the future". Good drawing, detailed description. (No. 110)

Anastasia Korshak, 11 years old, Russia, Novosibirsk. "Our life in the future." Also very beautiful and understandable. (No. 89)

3rd place:

Elizaveta Burmanova, 10 years old, Crimea, Simferopol. "Crystal World". Unusual technique. (No. 17)

Alina Sviridovich, 10 years old, Belarus, Cherven town, Minsk region. "Sky trees." (№57)

Katya Ognynyeva, 10 years old, Russia, Ekaterinburg. "Robots-helpers in the reserve." (No. 29)

Age Category over 12 years old.

1 place:

Anastasia Sokolinskaya, 16, Russia, Ekaterinburg, "City of the Future". Very good and detailed about the city in the future. (No. 70)

2nd place:

Svetlana Borisova, age 14, Russia, Ekaterinburg. "The birth of life." Mysterious and humane! (No. 125)

Roshni K. R., 14 years old, India, Chennai. "Save the water for the future!". Lots of details, interesting feed. (No. 14)

3rd place:

Sofia Panayeva, 12 years old, Russia, Turinsk, Sverdlovsk region. "Nanoperevizhenie." It's unclear why "nano", but the idea is interesting. :) (No. 109)

Anna Koren, age 14, Belarus, Cherven town, Minsk region. "Salvation of nature." (No. 59)

Ekaterina Nikolaeva, 16, Russia, Novocheboksarsk. "Let's fly?". (No. 77)


The second nomination - "Fiction Story".

It seems that it is very unusual and difficult for many to write a story. Therefore, some of the participants did not actually write stories, but essays. Given the not too large number of works in this category, we decided to accept essays as well. The main thing is to match the topic. Stories and essays will be published on the site.

The results are as follows..

Age Category under 13 years old.

1 place:

Anastasia Syrykh, 10 years old, Russia, Ekaterinburg. Essay "My image of the future." Well, just an ideal future in which you want to live!

2nd place:

Bradley James Boltz II, 12 years old, USA, Texas, San Antonio. Essay "My dream, a secure future." A person faces many dangers. This must be corrected!

3rd place:

Molly Bell, 13, Australia, Brisbane. "A note to yourself." A person gets the opportunity to send a note to himself in the past. He can write only 6 words ...


Age Category over 14 years old.

1 place:

Valeria Makusheva, 17 years old, Russia, Voronezh. "Futurum Lisa". A little anti-utopian story about art in the future.

2nd place:

Darya Tsarkova, 14 years old, Russia, Kaluga. "One day". A wicked world ... we do not want to live in such a future! But it is written convincingly.

3rd place:

Alexandra Plotnikova, 17 years old, Russia, Yekaterinburg. Story "Inspiration".

Nur Irdina Jailani, 16, Malaysia, Beaufort. "Tunnel of Future".


The third nomination - "Futurological project".

Unfortunately, very few works have been sent in this nomination. And even less is allowed for participation. On the one hand, this is understandable, developing a good project is not an easy task. On the other hand, the approach of some participants is very disappointing. Not everyone at all paid attention to the topic of the contest and even to the word "Futurological". There are good children's research works, but there is not a word about the future. There are works where the author simply copied a lot of text from different sites without even indicating sources. And in most works, where it is still mentioned about the future - this is not the main theme at all. Only small mentions in passing. The idea of ​​the competition was precisely to present your proposals for the future - how to make it better, what to invent, what projects to implement.

But nonetheless...

1 place:

Avijit Raj Shukla, 12 years old, India, Biskohar. "Save Earth Mission." This is the only project whose author really thinks about the future and has something to offer, quite seriously. The project is to combat the disappearance of forests in India through a special program of planting five specific trees in each village (which is plentiful in India). I think that 5 trees per village will not be enough... But this is only the starting project of the future nature protection organization, which the author wants to establish in India.

2nd place:

Adil Tulebaev, 10 years old, Kazakhstan, Pavlodar. Project "The machine of the future from aluminum cans". In principle, this is a research about aluminum and only a little about the future. But we can not fail to note the thoroughness and scope of the work done: there is reference information, and an excursion to the plant, and surveys of classmates, and experiments, and self-made designs ... Many photographs.

3rd place:

Olesya Ilyina, 16, Russia, Troyanovo village, Tver Region. Project "Synthesizer of animal speech". The project is fantastic, but quite convincing.


Thank you all again for participating!

Certificates in electronic form will be sent out to the winners during May.

If winner needs the certificate in paper - write to email ([email protected]) and send $5 to paypal [email protected] as compensation for expenses (sorry, there is no funding).

Who needs certificates of participants and gratitude for teachers write to email ([email protected]). But they will be sent out in the second place (after the winner certificates) and only to those whose works are allowed to participate (that is, they correspond to the topic and rules of the competition).

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