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Let's dream about the future!

Last year's contest "My dream" has collected hundreds of works. It was attended by children and teenagers from 7 countries. However, its focus was quite narrow - only drawings or crafts made of different materials. But the dream can be described not only by means of art and craft! This year the possible forms of participation are more diverse!

The theme of contest "My dream - 2017" in comparison with last year also changes a little bit and be more specific: the future of our planet and humanity. Yes, Yes, this time the contest is futuristic. ;) Let's dream of a bright future!

Nominations of the contest:

Let's dream about the future!

1. "Аrts and crafts" - the participant should show his vision for the future through drawing, applique, fabrics, paper, cardboard, natural materials, and so on. Also, accepted computer work in raster and vector formats. You can draw buildings, vehicles, nature, science, people, their way of life, the fashion, the art of the future... What schools, theaters, shops, factories will be in the future? Maybe all this will not be, and will be something completely different? Don't be afraid to dream, be original! Everyone can have his own dream! Age categories in this nomination: under 7 years, 8-10 years, 11-13 years, 14-17 years.

Mandatory requirement: Each work must be provided with a description. Description means the written in a free form explanation what the author portrayed in his work and why his dream about the future is this. The more detailed and interesting description – the higher the score! You can write even a small article or essay. Please send a description in a text file (not photo of handwriting text).

Let's dream about the future!

2. "Futurological project" — in this nomination you should develop technical or scientific project that you suppose is important to implement in the future of your dreams. This can be a machine, an engineering or architectural construction, biotechnology, method of obtaining energy, engine, space mission, sociological or economic idea or something else. Is that your development was interesting, could benefit mankind or the planet as a whole. You cannot make this work without a small research on the selected topic in order to not to "reinvent the wheel" and not to make obvious blunders. A good project needs to include a detailed text description, drawings, diagrams, links to information sources that you used in the work. Plagiarism is not allowed; the citation shall be in quotation marks with a reference to the source. Age categories in this nomination: up to 12 years, 13-15 years, 16 years and older.

The main requirement is that the project could be fantastic, but not fabulous! That is, it needs to have scientific and technical rationale. You must give some arguments in favor of its advisability and potential feasibility. If its implementation requires some technologies that are not exist yet - specify them. The more detailed the elaborated project – the higher the score.

Let's dream about the future!

3. "Fiction story" — a small story about the future. Any subjects: science, technology, nature, art, people, society, politics, economics and so on. The amount of text not less than 2000 characters and no more than 10000. Self-made illustrations will be evaluated separately and adds to your chances of winning. Age categories in this nomination: under 12 years, 13-17 years, 18 years and older.

To enter the contest you need to fill out an application and submit your work. This can be done as the participants themselves, as well as their parents or teachers. The application form is filled online through the form in this article (below), or open it in a separate tab by this link:

You can upload the files of your work right here through this upload button (after selecting a file, the window will open where you need to enter the author and other information about the work):

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If you can't upload - send work to the e-mail address [email protected]  .

The full text of the competition regulations:docThe regulations of contest "My Dream - 2017". Do not worry if something in the regulation will seem to you difficult or hard to understand. Write questions in the comments below this article or to mail [email protected] .

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0 # RE: Contest of creative and research works My dream - 2017Shashwati 2017-04-09 10:50
I would like to participate in the fiction story competition. But where should we register and what are the prizes?
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