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bartag    I was walking to the bars to play bar tag. When I got to the bars, I played against another first grader and there was a second grader waiting in line and she was yelling, “faster, faster, faster." So finally I got tagged and it was the second grader's turn to play. 
 The second grader won and it was my turn to play against somebody that I already didn't like very much because she rushed me. So I got on the bars and said, "Go!" We both ran to a different bar and then she stopped and said, "I'm supposed to say go." "Well, I'm used to saying go and you never told me that you wanted to say go so there's no way I would have known that," I exclaimed.
    She said "I'm supposed to say go!" in a much louder voice. I calmly repeated the same thing as before and she screamed "I'M SUPPOSED TO SAY GO!!" “Fine! Play bar tag with someone who will do it your way!" and with the stormy gray clouds above my head I miserably started to walk laps around the track. 
    3028668424e93a1ee355oThen I waited in line to throw a bean bag. When I was waiting in line I thought I saw the same second-grade girl but there are lots of girls on the playground that looked like her so I asked, "Did I play bar tag with you today?" She said "Yep." Then I said, "Can I talk to you for a moment?" "Sure" and we walked a little bit away so nobody would hear us. "You didn't tell me you wanted to say go so there's no way I would have known that." She said, "For your future reference, the person who won the last round is supposed to say go." "I've been playing bar tag since the first day of school and that was never mentioned in the rules," I said while getting frustrated.
  "Is that a dreidel in your hand?" I asked. With a surprised look on her face she said, "Yep." "Do you celebrate Hanukkah?" I wondered. She nodded her head yes. I said, "My family does too but it's hard because a lot of kids don’t celebrate Hanukkah." "Yeah, I know what you mean," she said with a smile. "May I see your dreidel?" With the sky navy blue and the clouds resting high I had the best recess ever! 

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