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byllying12 Everyone imagines for a bright future and it is the dream of every parent to see their children come out with flying colors and make their parents proud. But wait are the parents ensured of their ward’s safety at whichever places they go? As a child enters the school each one of them dreams of an amazing and prosperous life in future. Child bullying is very common be it school or college, some us have to suffer without any reason.

This article is for those students who were or are bullied by the others. Some of us barely think of bulling and cope with the situation and live with confidence, these young masters are the ones who prepare themselves for the harsh reality of this world, while for the others after getting bullied depress themselves and think that they could no more face and try to hide themselves from the situation. Now the question arises how to face the situation boldly ? The answer is very simple yet most of us aren’t able to follow it firstly try not to lose confidence nor be depressed or demotivated, try to take help from elders and lastly face the situation with full determination because we stand alone for our deeds. The parents once are fully confident send are proud to see their son/daughter face the situations and win their battle themselves. The very famous quote by CAROL BURNETT ‘’only I can change my life. No one can do it for me’’ depicts that everyone is responsible for building up his life. And nothing is impossible till you try it. Students stand by yourself and attempt to gain information for every emergency once you attempt to gain information for every emergency once you help yourself the next time you might be a model for others and you would indirectly help the others. Lastly I would like to say that set your motto as “I stand by myself and I am going to keep up this intention”.

Who am I? It is a question that haunts young adults throughout their teenage years. And with the phenomenal arrival of mental illnesses seen in some, the question hangs over the head like a knife waiting to draw blood. People change. Maybe that is why we find it hard to define ourselves in the cocoon of unfamiliarity around us.

We doubt ourselves in the crucifying way only we can think about ourselves. We doubt our intentions. We doubt our unconscious actions. We doubt our identity. We doubt our entire being of existence. We forget that while hanging onto the thread of our past identity, we sew a new bit of a new person into us every day. Change is the only constant being we can depend on. One day, the world might end or the sun might fall or we will stop existing. But change will always coincide with every breath of the universe. We change a little with every breath of fire we take in and every breath of the stars that we release. We are the embodiment of the universe and we are inevitable to change. That’s the only fact that we need to remember in the spiral of life.  We only have to remember that change will stay for the better or the worse. It is the birth and the bane of existence.

We have to let go of our past after learning from them in order to find our true selves.

Self identification is born from sheer destruction. It is only when we break that we remember to build. We break ourselves in the worst way possible and forget to clean up our messes. We waste away our time behind closed doors crying for the lost time that has flown away. We forget to live for our hearts and settle to keep it in a cage far away from the inanimate narcotic claws reality has presented to us. It is only when we break the trap of an illusion that we’ve managed to create around ourselves that we realize we had our sanity hidden beneath the shadows of broken dreams all along. We build ourselves by devouring every part of us that we use as stepping stones to our haunted house of a mind and glue it together with the elixir of dreams that we vow never to lose again in the midst of the blurring lines. And thus we will find ourselves in every molecule of our being that we had searched for all through the sea that we drowned ourselves in.

Hard way to success

Have you ever wondered that sometimes even after having a bucket full of abilities, people don’t touch the height of the sky? Christopher Columbus provided us with the answer. He quoted, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” Similarly, in order to reach the blue moon there is a simple recipe. Your abilities mixed with your handwork, however, served with the sauce of courage to face risks.

Since my childhood I have observed, success never becomes the crown of those who have abilities. However, it becomes the shining star of those who use their abilities in order to get over the hurdles sent by fortune and who readily tackle with all the problems by taking risks. Chances, risks and making a decision while not being sure about the positive consequence seems to be a very hard nut to crack. But, these little, big challenges teach us the ABC of life. Alpha and omega of success is that you have to be ready to take chance and be brave enough to face the result. If you take a risk with a positive intention, hope and expectation, automatically, the positive energy of your will power turn the waves in your favor.

Although, people need to work day and night, leave no stone unturned in order to get what they desire, but, no scientist would have been successful if they didn’t have enough courage to make a decision about whose consequence, they were unsure. Inventions start with an experiment and experiment is all about taking a risk and believing in your own self. Hence, all the advancements, technology and progress the living evidences of the theory that success requires faith and bravery.